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Third Party Zwift Run Resources

on June 24, 2020

Zwift offers a multitude of features in game and via the Zwift Companion app. Additionally, our website has a vast array of resources and information for beginners and experienced runners alike. From the Zwift Blog and Forums to the Events page and Shop, your Zwift Running experience is well-supported!

But orbiting the mothership are a variety of satellite services, created by the amazing Zwift community to enhance your Zwift experience. Let's take a look at the most popular community-driven Zwift resources for runners.

Zwift Insider

Created and maintained by long-time Zwifter Eric Schlange, Zwift Insider is the place to go for up-to-the-minute Zwift news. Eric covers the latest Zwift developments, game updates, hardware, and software releases.

There is also a huge resource of How-To information along with Tips and Tricks for improving your game experience. You can even purchase a hard copy of his beautiful Watopia map in the Zwift Insider shop.

Eric also creates official ‘Zwift Insider Verified’ Strava segments for Zwift which stand out in the overcrowded segment list in your Strava activities.

Zwift Power

For a number of years now, Zwift Power has been the place for cyclists to go for race results. While provisional results are automatically shown within Zwift for official races, most race organizers use Zwift Power to process and display final race results after applying various event rules which encourage fair competition.

Zwift Power also provides a comprehensive list of filtered results for all events on Zwift, whether they are classified as races or not. Running is compromised only due to the low number of users registered. While the vast majority of riders have signed up for Zwift Power, very few runners have done so thus far!

To register, you need to opt-in from your Zwift Dashboard to allow Zwift Power to use your data. Then create and verify your account on the Zwift Power website. The more runners who register, the more comprehensive the results system will be!


The Zwift log file analyzer Zwiftalizer is a superb but little-known tool for benchmarking your Zwift system or device. The Zwift game can be run in different resolutions and will offer different levels of detail in game depending on your system's capabilities. Information about the device on which you run the Zwift app is contained inside a log file.

Zwiftalyzer takes your log file and compares the information found against known standards. This gives you an idea of how good your Zwift system is and how much it might be improved. You can see the systems which produce the very best gaming experience and those which can run Zwift in its most basic form.

You are also able to view detailed information on how well your Bluetooth and ANT+ devices are communicating with Zwift so you can troubleshoot problems.

Uploading your Zwift Log file is easy on a PC or Mac. Simply navigate to Documents>Zwift>Logs where you will find the file. On an iOS or Android device, tap three times on the word Zwift at the login screen. From there you can email the log file to yourself and upload to Zwiftalyzer.

Zwift Hacks

If you are looking to have a little more control over the basic Zwift settings, look no further than Zwift Hacks. The site contains various ‘hack’ scripts which give you extra functionality and features in Zwift from a PC or Mac computer.

Using the Zwift Preferences tool you can customize on-screen real estate to some degree and you have a wider choice of available worlds.

With Zwift Hotkeys you have one key, quick and easy access to Zwift features without having to navigate through the menu system on your keyboard.

Zwift Map allows you to display a larger, more interactive map overlay on your screen showing only runners in your event or meetup.

Zwift Login allows you to automate the login process. It will start the Zwift Launcher, remember your username and password and press the Let’s Go button on your behalf.

Zwift Events is a powerful tool for searching and filtering the very busy Zwift event calendar.

Zwift Runners FB Page

The Zwift Runners Facebook page is arguably the most valuable third party tool of all. Thousands of Zwift Runners use the page to chat about their experiences and to ask questions.

There is a vast knowledgebase of experienced runners and expert Zwifters who are happy to help newer runners with technical questions or training queries.

There is also a very useful Files section which contains numerous articles to help you get the most out of Zwift Running.

Most of all, the Facebook Runners page is a community where you can share your photos, videos, live streams, and stories.

Film My Run

Stephen Cousins’s YouTube channel is the home of the How to Run on Zwift video series. He has been making these tutorials since Zwift Run started and has amassed a sizable playlist to help you get set up, teach you the basics and guide you through the technical and practical aspects of the game.

As well as the How to Run on Zwift series, there are also reviews of Zwift Run specific products such as footpods.

Whilst the Film My Run channel is not exclusively Zwift related it contains the largest collection of Zwift Run related help videos on YouTube.


Simon Schofield’s Zwiftcast is a monthly podcast about all things Zwift which has been around since the very early days of Zwift in beta. It is unapologetically cycling-centric as all three hosts (Simon, Nathan, and Shane) admit they know next to nothing about running!

However, there is general Zwift-related content and interviews which will be of interest to runners, and they do try to cover higher-profile running related news in the show.

Zwift News Network

Nowhere is the lighter side of Zwift news more prominently focused than on the Zwift News Network. A social channel with an unknown author, ZNN is your source for satirical Zwift news.

Whilst it is clearly written by a cyclist, many of the tweets are general in nature and it is certainly a fun read.

Notable Extras

There are numerous other websites and YouTube channels featuring useful Zwift content. Many have a heavy cycling bias or are focused on live streaming rather than providing resourceful content, but additional notable third party Zwift sites include:

Zwift Riders - the Zwift community’s largest, oldest, and most active Facebook group. Mostly cycling content, but also some sport-agnostic Zwift content such as game update discussion.

Titanium Geek - James Gill’s review and information site. Mostly cycling but some running-related reviews and the original unofficial Zwift User Manual.

Zwift Run Live - Stephen Cousins’s live running channel. Daily live streams of events and workouts plus commentary on races and big events.

Zwift Community Live - Nathan Guerra’s live Zwift channel. Daily live streams of cycling events and workouts plus commentary on races and big events.

GPLama - Shane Miller’s YouTube channel. Mostly cycling-based, Shane provides Zwift tips and tricks, tutorials, product reviews, and live cycling streams.


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