Zwift Companion: Say hello to a new map and messaging feature

Zwift Companion: Say hello to a new map and messaging feature

ON October 2, 2017 by Andrew Burke

A new season is upon us, and with that we’re proud to announce new features and a refreshed look and feel for Zwift Companion. Put simply, the companion app has evolved…for the better. The remote control for your Zwift ride now lets you easily see your friends on a Map, and chat them up while you crush miles. Get to know the newness in ZC 2.1.


An interactive map display shows your location and indicates who’s around you. Your Zwift friends stand out with icons, letting you easily spot them. Tap to view their name, give ‘em a Ride On, or strike up a conversation. Pinch to zoom in/out of the Map to see what’s coming up ahead. Steer towards the volcano or drop into the village? Make those decisions from a better vantage point.Map Overview


It’s easier, smoother and closer to typical mobile messaging. From the home screen, tap the Messages tab to chat with the Zwifters closest to you, or directly message a friend. You can also bounce between several threads. Chat history keeps you from ever missing a beat and losing track of the conversation. Send out a rally cry to the peloton: Let’s catch those race leaders!Chat functionality

We’re excited for the latest development in design and functionality. With so many of us training from all over the world, Zwift Companion is the best way to communicate with each other. Encourage your friends to download the app today on iOS or Android.