Take a Zwift Safari!

on April 07, 2021

Watopia is a huge playground with miles of road, track, and trail to explore. There are some beautiful vistas, massive structures, lofty peaks and fascinating geological features. And there is also an abundance of wildlife.

From the jungle to the desert, the mountains to the sea, we are going on a journey to find as many of Watopia’s creatures as we can. While some are easy to find, others are rather shy and we will need to move with stealth to spot them. Have your camera in hand and let’s go!

Manta Rays and Dolphins

Less than 3km from Watopia’s downtown, you’ll dip into the glass tunnels under the sea. This is Ocean Boulevard. Teaming with life, it is a magical world. The manta rays and dolphins are easy to see as long as you keep your eyes open.

The manta rays, which are up to 7 meters wide and inhabit subtropical oceans, glide past one or two at a time, while the friendly bottlenose dolphins dance and play in larger groups.

Blue Whale

While it is much larger than the manta rays and dolphins, the single blue whale of Watopia is a little harder to spot. (Although, at almost 30 meters long and 190 tons, it shouldn’t be too difficult!)

It is the largest creature ever to have existed and can be found in all the real world oceans. Keep your eyes peeled as you move through the tunnels on the Ocean Boulevard route, or Jon’s Route.

Sea Lions

With the recent addition of some handy shortcut roads in Watopia, sea lions also arrived. The colony can be found on the corner of the Julynn Washington Bridge (JWB) and the new shortcut on the Beach Island Loop.

The sea lions are very likely Californian sea lions, well known for sunning themselves on jetties and rocks on the shore. Watch closely as they may sit up and applaud as you pass.


Feathered friends are in the air all around Watopia! Near downtown you’ll spot seagulls and pelicans, while the Mayan jungle hosts toucans and other tropical birds. Turn up your sound and you’ll hear their calls.

The desert is home to one of the most elusive creatures in Watopia - the roadrunner! And you may also see the shadow of an eagle passing overhead.


Heading further out we arrive at the Mayan Jungle. There’s so much to see here with the waterfalls, the ruins, the foliage and the epic bridge. The single, slow-moving sloth is easily missed.

But observant athletes will spot him hanging upside down from a vine stretched across the path. A sloth’s slow movement actually protects it from predators, who hunt predominantly by visual stimulus.

Our sloth is tame and friendly so give him a smile as you go past. He’s also quite safe here in the jungle. So far no, jaguars, ocelots, or eagles have been spotted roaming through the ruins.


The ibex stays near the Epic KOM banner to greet all finishers. As a wild mountain goat himself, he knows a good climber when he sees one.

Consider it good luck if you see him rear up on his hind legs as you go past. And channel his climbing energy if you’ve still got the Radio Tower climb to finish!


You thought the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago? Not in Watopia. If you select the Sand and Sequoias, Quatch Quest, or Muir and the Mountain routes you get to ride or run through Titans Grove.

Titans Grove is a forest route based on the great American parks like Yellowstone or Yosemite. But deep in the forest you need to take care. Something is rustling in the trees and those are not boulders in the lake!

Suddenly, tiny Compsognathus dinosaurs scamper past. They are carnivorous so mind they don’t bite your legs. Then over in one of the pools a Brachiosaurus, or is it an Apatosaurus, rises out of the water to eat from one of the trees. Styracosaurus also wallows in the water.

If you are very lucky, or unlucky depending on your point of view, the most famous dinosaur of all will make an appearance. The T-Rex will certainly take an interest in you so move past quietly, but quickly.

Jarvis the Bear

Staying in Titan’s Grove and once you have escaped the T-Rex, be on the lookout for Jarvis. Named after the original Zwift world, you might be lucky enough to spot Jarvis climbing his tree.

He’s attempting to get to the honey at the top, but all too often he doesn’t make it. You have been extremely fortunate if you catch a glimpse of Jarvis falling to the ground in another failed attempt at sugar larceny.


The most elusive creature on our Zwift Safari is seen only by the most observant and tenacious Zwifters. Runners in particular don’t venture out to Alpe du Zwift regularly and may never glimpse the Yeti!

It’s not easy getting close to him, either. Switchback after switchback will take you higher and higher through the clouds to the snow covered peaks of the mountain where he is most often spotted.

Rumours that the Yeti can be glimpsed near the orange tents are unconfirmed. Stay alert and if you are very lucky, you might see something moving in the snow. If you don’t, it’s a great excuse to come back sooner.

Heading Home

We hope you enjoyed today’s tour of Watopia's wildlife. Of course, there are plenty of other animals in Watopia and Zwift’s other worlds which aren’t listed above. Keep your eyes open!


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