Group Workouts – A social way to climb

Group Workouts – A social way to climb

ON October 9, 2017 by Andrew Burke

Group workouts are definitely worth a spin. The most social way to burn calories, they may even encourage quieter types — hyperconcentrated riders, grumpy Guses, and the Eeyores of the bunch — to chat or to send their first “Ride On!”

Group Workouts take community interaction to the next level. Private group chats, shared goals, a tight-knit pack – and that’s just the tip of the Watopia Volcano.

Workout with friends, soon-to-be friends, and fellow Zwifters around the world. You can even train with Olympian and Tour de France veteran Coach Greg Henderson.

Group Workout

Another perk of group workouts? Everyone who pedals together, stays together. Imagine an invisible “rubber band” that keeps the peloton tight – whether you’re producing massive watts or riding mellow. As long as you pedal, you’re part of the pack for the whole workout.

Here’s how to join.

  1. Find a Group Workout on the Events page or check out upcoming events in game.
  2. Click “Join.” You can also pre-register for future rides.
  3. Ride. Just like other Zwift rides, you’ll see the details in the upper left corner giving you in-game training directions.
  4. Chat, catch-up, and push each other. As a group ride, you’ll have a private message thread, made possible with the latest Zwift Mobile Link update.
  5. Just like group rides or regular workouts, group workouts end with the completion of the final workout. If you need to leave early, just stop pedaling. Once you stop spinning your legs, the invisible rubber band linking you to the group breaks. You can complete the workout solo or just grab a celebratory beverage for a job well done.

Be on the lookout for more group workouts coming and try one out.