Zwift Academy Road

Get Ready for the 2022 Zwift Academy Road Pro Contender Program 

by Zwift
on July 23, 2022

The Zwift Academy Road program returns for the 7th year! The road to your professional career begins here. Five women and five men will be selected to advance to the Zwift Academy Finals. Two contenders from the Finals will be crowned champions, winning a professional cycling contract with CANYON//SRAM Racing (Women) or Team Alpecin-Deceuninck (Men) for the 2023 race season. 

Zwift Academy Road Program dates: Sept 12 - Oct 9, 2022 

Program overview: 

Required Activities: 

  • 1 Baseline Ride
  • 6 Structured Workouts
  • 2 Pro Contender Workouts
  • 1 Finish Line Ride 

Contract requirements

  • Complete the Baseline Ride and the two additional Pro Contender workouts before September 25, 11:59 PM UTC (4:59 PM PT)
  • Graduate Zwift Academy Road on or before October 10, 8:59 AM UTC (1:59 AM PT) 
  • Must complete the LONG version of the 6 structured workouts
  • Must use a direct-drive smart trainer or smart bike for all Zwift Academy Road events
  • Must wear a Heart Rate monitor for all Zwift Academy Road events
  • Participants are not permitted to use a power meter as a primary power source
  • Must be aged 18+ by January 1, 2023
  • Cannot be a current or previous WorldTour or UCI ProTeam professional
  • A complete set of rules is outlined in our Terms & Conditions.

Zwift Academy Road ride and workout details will be announced soon. Stay tuned. 

Wondering what you can do to get ready for your attempt at the Pro Contract? Here are some tips from the Zwift Academy Road coaches Stephen Gallagher and Dan Fleeman:

The preparation in the 4-6 weeks leading up to ZA will have a big impact on your fitness and keeping
to some core principals will help you be at the start line in the middle of September at your optimal
fitness level.
Consistency is key: Maintain a regular exercise routine in the weeks leading up to ZA, the priority
here is to at least maintain the frequency of your training each week you are accustomed to. Don’t
worry if you can’t increase your overall training load, maintaining a constant rhythm of training and
rest is priority
Don’t over do it: The wrong approach of many people is to increase the training load too much in
the lead up to ZA which see’s you failing to maximize this hard work. Avoiding the mindset of ‘harder
training is better’ as increasing intensity too much beyond your normal routine can have negative
effects. 2 or max 3 higher intensity sessions a week is enough to develop your fitness and
supplement your weekly training with low intensity rides along with your core intensity sessions.
Mix it up: ZA always has challenges which stress different energy systems, you will come up against
different types of intensity and efforts that you may not normally do. I would encourage you all to go
out of your comfort zones in at least 1 session a week and try a different intensity or workout which
you wouldn’t normally do. Have your body ready for all possibilities by the time you arrive in mid-
September for the 2022 ZA.

If we arrive at the start line of ZA healthy, motivated, and happy you will be on track for a successful
2022. Good luck!



With fifteen riders from eleven different countries, CANYON//SRAM Racing is the home of a diverse group of highly ambitious women who are willing to invest in their future and the future of cycling by breaking new grounds and constantly challenging themselves and their competitors. Recent highlight? Elise Chabby just won the QOM jersey at the Women's Tour!



Whether it’s road, cyclocross, or mountain, Alpecin-Deceuninck cyclists are ready to race. After winning numerous World Cups, their supremacy was certified at the World Championships in Ostend, giving Mathieu Van der Poel the rainbow jersey for 2021. The team made their Tour de France debut last year, winning two stages and holding onto the yellow jersey for six.

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