Route Overview: Urukazi

Route Overview: Urukazi

ON November 9, 2022 by Zwift

Welcome to Urukazi.

New roads. Epic new views. And more fast fun! This is Urukazi, the wild coastal oasis of Makuri Islands. Twisty roads connect Urukazi’s islands to Yumezi and Neokyo, and once you arrive you’ll want to stay a while. There’s something new around every corner!

Eight new routes let you experience Urukazi from all directions. Learn about the new routes below, then sign on and experience this magical map for yourself.

Mech Isle Loop

The shortest of the Urukazi routes, Mech Isle Loop takes you on a short, twisting trip around Mech Isle, the first of Urukazi’s three main islands. 

This is Urukazi’s industrial island. Just what is being manufactured here? It’s all a bit hush-hush, but the giant robot parts would indicate that the island is living up to its name!


Bridges and Boardwalks

Beginning with a short lead-in from Mech Isle, this route is a loop that starts when you ride beneath the Boardwalk Sprint banner for the first time. 

Make your way across Festival Harbor’s boardwalk, then wind your way up to the Shisa Sprint bridge and past the cliffside neighborhood before descending back to the boardwalk for a finishing sprint.

Note: shisa are traditional Okinawan wards resembling a cross between a lion and a dog and are believed to protect from evil spirits. They are usually seen in pairs, as we see above Festival Harbor.


Island Hopper

Covering all the roads of Urukazi’s three island areas, Island Hopper gives you four chances to grab that green sprinter’s jersey while seeing all the Urukazi sites.

Your journey begins in the middle of Mech Isle’s industrial complex, but you’ll soon find yourself dazzled by the sites of Festival Harbor with its boats, lights, giant shisa, and more. Then it’s across to the mysterious Mangrove Maze and onto the beachfront road near the Hidden Reefs where you’ll take on the Tidepool Sprint. Turn left again to return to Mech Isle and you’ll make another loop of the islands, this time taking the high road up to Shisa Sprint for the best view of the day. 

Fine and Sandy

Beginning on Mech Isle, this route takes you on a quick, flat tour of the Urukazi island complex including Festival Harbor and its Boardwalk Sprint, Mangrove Maze, and the Hidden Reefs area with its Tidepool Sprint. 

Return to Mech Isle to complete the Mech Isle Loop road, and you’re back where you began. Ready for another lap?


Island Outskirts

Urukazi is no vacation destination, but the sites are eye-popping and worth exploring! Island Outskirts takes you on a tour of the outer roads of the Urukazi island group beginning on Mech Isle, heading up to the Shisa Sprint, then down to the oceanside Mangrove Maze and Hidden Reefs with their Tidepool Sprint.


Makuri 40

As the longest Makuri Islands route, the 40 takes you through all three areas of this vibrant world: Yumezi’s serene countryside, Neokyo’s urban permanight, and Urukazi’s wild coastal islands.

Begin in Yumezi with a climb up to the Castle before descending through the villages and farming flatlands which take you to Neokyo Tunnel. Through the tunnel you’ll find yourself surrounded by Neokyo’s urban landscape with its bright lights and bustling marketplace, leading you to the harbor and the mysterious cavern road connecting to Urukazi’s islands.

Ride through Urukazi’s Mangrove Maze and up to the Shisa Sprint, then descend to Mech Isle before making your way back to Yumezi through the Adan tree grove on the twisty canyon road.

Country to Coastal

Yumezi + Urukazi. What’s not to love? Country to Coastal begins in Yumezi’s countryside just like the Makuri 40 but bypasses Neokyo and heads straight to Urukazi’s islands via the twisty connector canyon. 

Once you hit the beach you’ll make a circuit of Urukazi’s outer roads, then return on the same connector canyon to finish your Yumezi loop with a short climb up toward the Castle.


Turf N Surf

This counterclockwise loop delivers a visual feast of two very different locales: Neokyo and Urukazi. Beginning near Neokyo Harbor, you’ll hit the Alley Sprint and see the bright lights of the dark city before passing through Neokyo Tunnel and across the twisty connector road to Urukazi, where you’ll ride the outer road of this wild island group.

Hit the Shisa Sprint, then it’s time to head back to Neokyo Harbor by way of a twisty road through a giant cavern. Wear a helmet, the stalactites hang low!