Zwift Runner Pacer Groups

on December 31, 2022


Group runs and workouts on Zwift are great, enabling you to run with people who share your passion and keep you motivated and accountable. What’s not to love?

Sometimes, however, work and family life mean that group run schedules in the Zwift calendar do not align. Don’t worry, though: Zwift has your back. Welcome to RoboPacers and Pacer Groups.

What are RoboPacers?

RoboPacers look a little different from most avatars on Zwift. They come in four transparent colors and each one runs at a set pace around Watopia:

  • Joan, Carl, or Kat 12-14.9kph/7.5-9.2mph: A-level group run for top-tier runners
  • Jesse, Audrey, or Roger 9.2-10.9kph/5.7-6.8mph: challenging run at a brisk pace
  • Lizzy, Dean, or Maggie 7.5-8.6kph/4.7-5.3mph: moderately paced, friendly group run
  • Louis or Billy 6.0-6.7kph/3.7-4.2mph: gentle group run with supportive guidance

They’re there to encourage you and others to run with them, creating an ad-hoc group run. Occasionally they will give out Ride Ons or send encouraging messages in game to keep you on track.

How to Join a RoboPacer

When you log in to the Zwift Home Screen, scroll down to where it says Find a Pacer Group. Then scroll horizontally to find the RoboPacer and Pacer Group you would like to join.

Click or tap to select the name of the Pace Partner you’d like to run with then hit “Next”. Finally, click or tap “Start Run" to get moving!

Running with a RoboPacer

Running with one of the RoboPacers works in the same way as choosing to run with a friend. You’ll have a few seconds to get up to speed while Zwift tethers you to your Pacer Group. It’s probably a good idea to get up to, or close to, the RoboPacer’s speed before clicking “Start Run”.

If you come across one of the RoboPacers while you’re exploring Watopia, feel free to keep pace with them and anyone else in their group. Chat in game, drop Ride Ons and stay with the group for a super Pacer Group experience.

Use your RoboPacer run as a steady paced easy run, or choose a faster RoboPacer for a more brisk tempo run. Keeping an even pace is a great way to learn about discipline and control in your running, because we all know how easy it is to go off too fast in a race!

You could also join a slower, more comfortable Pacer Group and surge off the front for a short period then come back to the group for a longer 'rest' interval.

Your Pace, Your Schedule

Running with one of the RoboPacers means that, regardless of your schedule, you'll always have someone to run with on Zwift. Plus, the varying paces of the RoboPacers mean there should be a Pacer Group run happening 24/7 on Watopia at a pace that fits your needs. We hope you enjoy your RoboPacer run!

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