Technogym MyCycling Smart Trainer Works with Zwift

Technogym MyCycling Smart Trainer Works with Zwift

ON December 20, 2017 by Matt Noble

Zwift is now compatible with Technogym MyCycling Smart Trainer.

Technogym may be a recognizable name if you have spent time in gyms worldwide. They have made a name for themselves by creating quality, reliable and sleek looking workout equipment and have become the gold standard in fitness gear for gyms, fitness centers, and hotels.  Now, you can train at home on your own Technogym MyCycling Trainer and connect to Zwift.


  • Weight: 18 kg | 39.7 lbs
  • Max. power (Watt): 2100
  • Transmission: Toothed belt for less dispersion of energy.
  • Dimension (Closed): 570 x 280 mm
  • Dimension (Open): 570 x 830 mm
  • Measuring Power: Direct Drive
  • Data Transmission: Bluetooth & ANT +
  • Watt Readability: +/- 1%
  • Flywheel: 5 kg
  • Material: Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Resistance: Magnetic

How it works:

Technogym have created a MyCycling smartphone application specifically for the trainer. This app has been designed to set you up for workout success with structured training programs based on your current fitness level and your goals. Any trainer firmware updates are done here so make sure you have the latest installed to keep it up to date.

Riding Zwift’s virtual worlds, such as Watopia; an ever-expanding world of epic mountain climbs, rolling hills, and volcanic routes, with the MyCycling trainer, is a few steps away.  Connecting the trainer with Zwift is simple and only takes a few minutes but there are a few things that may catch you out.

To make sure the trainer functions as it should with Zwift you will need to connect the trainer, using the MyCycling app. You only need to do this for the initial setup.

How to get Zwifting:

1. Download the Technogym MyCycling app to your phone

2. Download the Zwift App to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, or Apple TV

  • Zwift Downloads
  • Apple TV – search for Zwift in the App Store within Apple TV

3. Open the MyCycling app and scroll down on the homepage. Select Zwift.

4. Clicking the Zwift link will bring you to the ‘Connection to Zwift’ page where you can ensure the trainer is enabled to work on Zwift. This will establish the trainer’s compatibility.                                                                          

5. You can then close the MyCycling app and open Zwift on your Apple device, for best connectivity, where you can login or create an account and get Zwifting. Ride On.

Bluetooth & ANT+ Compatible

The MyCycling Smart trainer is designed to work best with a Bluetooth connection. In doing so, you will unlock the trainer’s capabilities and experience smooth transitions of resistance as the trainer automatically adjusts based on the elevation change in Zwift. Bluetooth connectivity is excellent for anyone with an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac.

Zwift can be run on a PC. via Bluetooth or ANT+ with no problem, but you won’t be able to experience the ERG mode feature. Instead, you’ll need to change gears to adjust the resistance and increase/decrease the power. Not having ERG mode enabled isn’t the end of the world as you’ll still get a high accuracy of power output but you just won’t get the most out of the trainer.

Recommended set-up:

Get the best out of this trainer with Zwift with these recommendations:

  • Any Apple device with the Zwift app installed. (Apple TV 4k for best, clearest image)
  • Technogym MyCycling Smart Trainer and the MyCycling smartphone App.
  • A road or mountain bike – Trainer accommodates standard 130-135mm quick release and 142mm bolt-through bikes. 11-speed cassette included with the trainer.
  • A Bluetooth Heart rate monitor (not necessary but completes the experience)


Learn more about the Technogym MyCycling Smart Trainer here

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