Zwift Year in Review 2017

Zwift Year in Review 2017

ON December 30, 2017 by Matt Noble

Together we went big in 2017. So big. How big you ask?

We zwifted 122,140,586 miles (196,582,313 km) this year. That would get us to Mars and back. Twice.

We climbed almost 6 billion feet (1.8 billion m). That’s enough to go to the moon more than five times.

We produced 11,371,782,534 watt-hours. Enough to power LA for 17 days.

We burned enough calories to show 14,368,536 pizza slices who the boss is. Hint: it’s the Zwifter on the trainer.

And fellow Zwifters shared 10 million Ride Ons.

How did we do it?

Zwifters averaged 820 feet (250 m) of climbing per ride and 17.5 miles (28 km) per sessions, including we 62,691 metric centuries and 10,953 imperial centuries.

But drill down and the specifics are worth a quick look.

Zwifters in Ontario, Vienna, and Hamburg ride farther than Zwifters in any other city per ride

Zwifters in cycling-crazy Copenhagen produce more watts on average than Zwifters anywhere else.

And our friends from Ohio are saying “hi” from Oh-hi-oh with 1,677 Zwifters.