Zwift Women Team Up, Inside Zwift Women’s Teams

Zwift Women Team Up, Inside Zwift Women’s Teams

ON March 15, 2018 by Andrew Burke

Did you have fun at Women’s Week? Here’s a great way to keep the party rolling: connect with some of the great teams on Zwift!

BRT HellCatz

In December 2017, the Bolt Racing Team (BRT) created a separate team for female racers, the BRT Hellcatz. With 23 members, the Hellcats participate in both Zwift races and IRL racing.

“Even if you’ve never raced before, come and join us for training sessions and to make new Zwift friends,” says Hellcats leader, Liz Rymer.

BRT HellcatZ doesn’t have any women-specific events, but BRT hosts a race series and group rides for all members.

The Hellcatz believes there are three benefits to racing:

1. Racing itself is great fun, plus you get to make new friends along the way.
2. Racing is a great workout, brilliant for increasing stamina and fitness levels.
3. Any lady of any age/ability is able to race and you will find support and encouragement to do just that!

“Our aim is to build a friendly racing environment, which is driven by female Zwifters. The group is led by me, but I need lots of help to build this into a great race team, so please come and join me!,” says Rymer.

Want more info? Join the BRT Facebook Group.

ODZ DivaZTeamODZ was created by two optometrists from Riverside, California, in May 2015. Take a gander at the ODZ logo and you’ll see a cyclist riding on a bicycle that resembles a pair of glasses. The team offers 15 weekly rides and races in Zwift.

“ODZ is possibly the first team that started as a virtual Zwift group and extended to real life. It had its first annual training camp in Arizona in 2018, and is an official racing team in the US and the UK,” explains ODZ OG, Theia Friestedt.

ODZ includes a supportive and growing female team, the ODivaZ. The ladies of Team ODZ are active in the community and lead weekly rides and races in Zwift, such as the ODivaZ 2.2 ride, Chat and Chill, and the traditional ODivaZ race, which is recognized by many as the catalyst for women-only races in Zwift.

The team is accepting new members. For more information on how to join Team ODZ, visit their website.


KISS Racing Team is a mixed gender team that recently expanded its female force. Currently, women make up 25% of the team. Ask them what they stand for and you’ll hear, “The team stands for fair, ethical racing and #Type2Fun.”

KRT hosts 2 KISS Ladies Only Races: every Thursday at 8:10 PM GMT and Friday 02:10 AM GMT.

“KISS Racing Team (KRT) was founded on the idea of keeping Zwift racing simple, without complicated rules or joining instructions,” says Tina Boine-Frankenheim. “At the moment KRT is not recruiting new members, but there might be exceptions in certain cases.”

Team Vision

Team Vision is a select group of handpicked men and women who participate in Zwift races. Strictly a competitive team, Vision does not host any events. “Members focus on performing their best and being friendly competitors at a variety of races,” says Claudia Behring.

Want to join? Contact Quentin Lafaye, one of the managers of the team.

Hump Day Ride
The Aussie Hump Day Ride – Ladies of Zwift Oz (AHDR) AKA Zwift Oz Facebook Group is AHDR’s female team. They’re open to all, but joining their private Facebook Group has a few basic requirements:

1. Set your team on ZwiftPower to Team AHDR
2. Complete at least 2 races
3. Race with ‘Team AHDR’ after your name on Zwift

“Our racing team is very supportive and we encourage everyone of all abilities to join in and have some fun,” says Michelle Crick.

Their primary ride is Tuesday’s at 19:10 AEDT. It’s a social group ride under 2w/kg that aims to keep everyone together. “We have a regular crew of riders with varying abilities, so a great place to get tips and feedback on all things bike, or just general ladies chit chat,” says Crick.

There is an optional race at the end (~5km) called the ‘After Party’ (AP).

Other AHDR weekly rides (mixed):
Mon: AHDR Bacon Rolls 05:50 AEDT
Tue: AHDR Bacon Rolls 05:50 AEDT
Wed: AHDR p/b Giant 19:00 AEDT
Fri: AHDR Bacon Rolls 05:50 AEDT
Sun: AHDR PretzHELL 07:00 AEDT

Team Fearless is Zwift’s largest all-female racing team. With almost 90 active members, they pride themselves on integrity, personal growth, and providing a supportive environment for all of their racers.

Team Fearless hosts multiple women’s only events every week including Fearless Time Trials co-hosted by SCTT, bi-monthly Saturday races (Fearless Racing Women’s Series), and several weekly fast social rides (The Fast and the Fearless).

Team Fearless pioneered women’s only team races on Zwift and they host two team events each year: the Fearless Spring Team Classic and their premier event, the Women’s Team Championship in the fall. If you are interested in learning more about Team Fearless, participating in their rides and races, or joining the team, check out their Facebook group.

Velocity Vixen

Team Velocity is made up of enthusiastic cyclists who are committed to building a true eSports team that races on Zwift. Vixens (women’s squad) and Foxes (the men’s squad) make up the co-ed team.

The Vixen squad is most active. “This makes perfect sense since the team was founded by, and managed by, a group of women who enjoy the competition and camaraderie formed through racing and riding on Zwift,” explains member, Beth York.

Many of the women who race for Vixen in game, will also be racing and riding for the team outside, in real life.

“We aim to grow a team of engaged racers of all abilities in a highly supportive, but low drama environment. We are serious about racing and fun. Our motto is: Show up, race, do your best, be honest and support your team in a positive way,” says York.

Velocity Vixen is always accepting new riders apply here. And they host a bunch of rides.

Vixen Rides/Workouts are popular. #Risewithvixen is their Thursday morning social paced ride at 6:35 AM ET US. It’s a 1.5-2 w/kg Social Ride with lively ZML messaging and Discord Chat currently lead by Vixen Racer, Jessica York.

#Climbwithvixen is their Thursday evening climbing ride at 6 PM ET US, currently lead by Vixen Racer, Cheryl Muldoon.

#vixenvibetribe is their weekly group workout — currently at 3 hours now — on Sundays. With workouts designed by Vixen Racer, Beth York, (and lead by Vixen Team Racers), the format, focus, time and intensity is adjusted/tuned based on the racing/riding season.

Join the Vixen (good) Vibe Tribe each Sunday for a group workout aimed at increasing your endurance at tempo to get you ready for your next century/fondo or endurance rides/races. The workouts progress week over week, adding a little more saddle time each session. They max out in March at 3 hours. The workouts are structured so you can join for all, or part of them, depending on your schedule.

Other great Facebook groups to check out:

Zwift Ladies Only

Zwift Riders

CANYON//SRAM Racing Zwift Academy