Structured Workouts. On Your Schedule.

Structured Workouts. On Your Schedule.

ON May 30, 2018 by Andrew Burke

You’ve got a century ride this summer and needed to start training months ago. You want to run a 5K but your days are jam-packed. When life gets busy, you need a plan that fits and flexes with it.

Enter Zwift’s flexible Training Plans, a way to meet your fitness goals on your own time. These collections of workouts are carefully designed to get you in prime shape for your event. They build around your schedule, not the other way around. Choose a plan, set the duration, and train hard for your upcoming race or event. It’s like having a coach in your corner, always keeping you on track.


Sprinting, endurance, anaerobic breathing, half marathons – whether you’re a pro or amateur, a cyclist or runner — Zwift has you covered. We’ve tapped several world-class coaches managing world tour teams to help write and design the plans. You’ll get a variety of styles and methods to boost your skill set and get you in top shape. There are currently 9 plans for cyclists and 3 for runners. Check out the lineup.

Training Plans


With flexible Training Plans, you have a specific window of time to complete each workout – you’re not locked down to a specific day. Whenever you finish a session, the plan automatically adjusts so you stay on track. Accidently skip one? Is your body craving a rest day? It’s all good. We’ll make sure you hit the most important workout of the week, so you don’t lose momentum.

Never ever ever lose track

Knowing what’s coming up next is easy with Zwift Companion. Download the app for Android or iPhone, enroll in a plan, and you’ll see a number of useful features so you’re ahead of the game. From the Home screen, you can see your overall progress in a timeline bar, your current week, and your next two upcoming workouts.


Data is valuable and front and center post workout. Complete a session and view your efforts against the planned intervals, distance, duration, and stars collected. You’ll also get a glimpse of what’s next, and when each workout is available. Use the report and watch your progress tick up week by week.

Workout Report


We’ve got other neat customization features in the works for future updates. Like the option of swapping in a group workout for your scheduled solo one. And performance adjustment —the workouts could ease up or get tougher as you move through the plan. We’ve got dynamic email ideas as well, so tracking your progress and seeing insights would be fresh and exciting. But before we get to that…


Ready to dive in? From the Start screen, click TRAINING > TRAINING PLANS to explore and enroll in a plan. To learn more, check out this useful How-To article.