Watopia Run Routes

Watopia Run Routes

ON September 26, 2018 by Craig Taylor

The new Watopia Run Paths are here! Choose from a selection of routes and enjoy up to 5 kilometers of uninterrupted, runner-only paths with designated run paddocks. Loop around the island of Watopia, cruise down Ocean Blvd or journey through Run Valley. The paths are freshly paved and ready for you!

The Routes 

5k Loop // 3.1mi 

  • The entirety of this route is runners-only! Take a twisting and turning 5km journey through the heart of Run Valley, down onto the beach path, and along the scenic skyway over the ocean.

11.1 Ocean Blvd // 6.9mi // 11.1km

  • In honor of Zwift HQ’s address, this 11.1km route takes you over the 360 bridge, into the underwater tunnel, and then brings you home via Run Valley.

Chili Pepper // 5.0mi // 8.0 km

  • The short and spicy route takes you through the heart of Run Valley and then on a quick trip through the Volcano

Jon’s Route // 7.8mi // 12.5 km

  • Take a scenic tour of Watopia that hits all the highlights of the running path and the flat route.

That’s Amore // 4.0mi // 6.4km

  • Run – or walk – your way from Run Valley over to the Italian villas. If you really want to earn your pizza slices, this route will help you do it.

To make your workout more fun and social, make sure to bring the Zwift Companion app with you. Find other Zwifters to run with, sign-up for events, see recent activities, and more!

We also have a variety of run training plans to choose from. Whether you’re training for your first 10k or aiming to take on a half marathon, we got you covered! Click here for more info on flexible training plans.

We’re bringing group running events to the new routes! Team up with other Zwifters and get ready to roll in the Workout Wednesday Intervals and the Saturday Run in the Park.


Whether at home or at the gym, getting up and running is simple. All you need is a treadmill, footpod, and a device to run Zwift. Or, hop on a supported Bluetooth treadmill for a seamless experience. Watch the video for more.