2021 Zwift Academy Road Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in the 2021 Zwift Academy Road Program (the “Academy” or the “Program”), you (the “Participant” or “You”) acknowledge that you have read, understand and hereby agree to the following Terms and Conditions (the “T&Cs”).



By enrolling in the Academy You represent that you are in good general health. To be eligible to win a professional cycling contract with the CANYON//SRAM Racing or Alpecin-Fenix team (each a “Pro Contract”), You must be (i) an amateur cyclist aged 18 years or older as of January 1, 2022, and (ii) meet the gender policies and regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI), as most recently defined by the International Olympic Committee. Professional cyclists and former Zwift Academy Road champions are ineligible to win a Pro Contract. Cyclists who are part of a UCI WorldTour team for women, UCI WorldTour or UCI Pro Team for men, or   cyclists who have raced a WorldTour race are also ineligible. If you have additional questions, you can reach out to Coach Dan at dan@digdeepcoaching.com. Zwift reserves the right to request additional information or testing to verify the eligibility of any Participant at any time during the Program, including both physiological performance verification, weight verification, and anti-doping tests. Failure to comply with any verification procedures or provide information requested by Zwift will result in disqualification from the Program. Participant eligibility shall be at Zwift’s sole discretion. Any Zwift decisions regarding Participant eligibility shall not be subject to review or appeal. 



Qualifying Phase: A committee of coaches, team management, and cycling experts will select up to 5 (five) male and 5 (five) female finalists from the Participants who have completed the Qualifying Phase of the Program that runs from August 30, 2021 to October 24, 2021. Participants will be judged based on their performance of prescriptive content, including a number of structured workouts, races and segment group rides on the Zwift platform. Data from outdoor rides on Strava may also be considered.


Finals Phase: The finalists will be selected and invited to a 1-week final round expected to take place during November 2021. Participants will complete a combination of indoor challenges on Zwift as well as outdoor challenges. Although physiological abilities will remain important to the selection, overall cycling skills and potential fit for the team will play big factors in who moves on. Each finalist must provide proof that he/she is fully vaccinated (as determined by Zwift at its sole discretion) at least two weeks before any in-person event associated with the Program.


At the end of the Finals, one male Participant and one female Participant will each be offered a Pro Contract for the 2022 racing season.


Data Protection

Any information (including data and images) related to the Participant that is collected or processed (which includes collection, storing, holding and carrying out operations) by Zwift at any time during the course of the Program will be held and used by Zwift, members of the judging committee, Today’s Plan, and Zwift’s suppliers and contractors (e.g., travel agencies) to administer the Program in accordance with these T&Cs and Zwift’s Privacy Policy (http://zwift.com/privacy/). Participants’ personal data may be used to send the Participants news and publicity material in relation to the Program and you hereby express consent to such use. In addition, you hereby expressly consent to Zwift’s use of your name and likeness and authorize Zwift and its affiliates to take photographs and videos and otherwise record, broadcast, or stream your identity, likeness and voice during and in connection with attendance at or participation in the Academy and to make use of such photos/recordings at any time, in any media and manner (including via the Internet) throughout the world, and for any purpose (including any advertising, marketing or promotional purpose). You hereby waive and release Zwift and its affiliates from any claim or action in connection with the use of your identity, likeness or voice relating to any stage of the Program.

Personal data on Participants’ health will be processed by Zwift, CANYON//SRAM Racing, Alpecin-Fenix and/or those designated medical services providers exclusively for assessing the Participants’ suitability for participating in the relevant stages of the Program.


Release and Waiver

By virtue of Participant’s participation in the Program, Participant waives, releases and discharges Zwift, and its respective officers, members, partners, shareholders, agents and employees from and against any and all claims for damages or other liability for death, personal injury, illness or property damage which may have, or which may hereafter occur to Participant, as a result of participation in the Program. Participant assumes all risks and hazards associated with participation in the Program. This waiver and release will be binding on Participant’s spouse, heirs, personal representatives, children, and other assigns.  


Additional Requirements for Eligibility

  • Today’s Plan
    • Participant must connect a Today’s Plan account to their Zwift account for the duration of the Zwift Academy Road program
    • Free premium account available for all Participants
      • Link on Zwift Academy road webpage
  • Must use a smart trainer or power meter and wear a heart-rate monitor for all Zwift Academy Road events
    • Use of a smart trainer as the primary power data source (i.e., paired with the game client) is strongly encouraged.
    • In addition to the primary power data source, Participants are strongly encouraged to record a secondary source of power data (e.g., power meter in addition to smart trainer). The secondary power data source must be recorded to a cycling computer. Secondary power data may be helpful in verifying Participant performances.
  • Must have entered an accurate weight and height at start of Academy
    • All those considered contenders will be asked during selection to submit a weigh in video and a height measurement video.
    • Instructions for weigh in and height measurement videos:
      • Weight
        • Before starting the test:
          • Set up scales suitable for measuring body weight in the middle of a room on a hard, even surface, with nothing nearby to hold on to.
          • Find a heavy weight (approx. 10kg) that you can comfortably carry.
          • Make sure you are wearing cycling shorts and a cycling jersey.
        • During the test:
          • Start recording a video on any device; for example, a cell phone.
          • Show your face on the video.
          • Show yourself performing a live internet search for the current time and date, and the results that it gives. Screenshots of mobile phone clocks or computer desktop clocks will not be accepted.
          • Show the scales.
          • Zero the scales.
          • Show the zero reading.
          • Place the heavy weight on the scales and show the reading.
          • Take the weight off and show the zero reading.
            Stand on the scales yourself (without the weight) and show the reading.
          • Take yourself off and show the zero reading.
            Stand on the scales with the weight and show the reading.
          • Take yourself off and show the zero reading.
            Stop recording.
        • After the test:
          • Upload as an unlisted video to YouTube.
            • Please note that weight measurement videos must remain private. Publication of weight measurement videos, or otherwise sharing them with third parties, is a violation of these rules.
      • Height (example video)
        • Before starting the test:
          • Set up a standard tape measure against a solid, vertical surface such as a wall or door-frame.
        • During the test:
          • Start recording a video on any device; for example, a cell phone.
          • Show your face on the video.
          • Stand against the vertical surface.
          • Show yourself marking the tape measure (using a pencil or piece of tape) at the same height as the top of your head.
          • Show the marking to highlight your measured height.
          • Step back to show the entire tape in the picture.
          • Stop recording.
        • After the test:
          • Upload as an unlisted video to YouTube.
            • Please note that height measurement videos must remain private. Publication of height measurement videos, or otherwise sharing them with third parties, is a violation of these rules.
  • Cannot have any doping violations from any sports governing body

Additional Governing Terms

These T&Cs shall be subject to and supplemented by the general Zwift Terms of Service, which are incorporated herein by this reference.

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