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Friday, February 23rd
5:15PM GMT
Mountain Massif structured training - Power Development (4 x 4-minutes)
Group Workout
Created by Matt Rowe, from Rowe & King, this structured training session is designed to help you cycle at a higher intensity, and absorb surges in effort. 

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About the session:
The benefit of this workout is the cumulative fatigue over the whole session, not the max effort of any single interval and is designed to enhance your power.

1. A progressive warmup.
2. 4-minute TT effort (aim to ride this on feel - get 95% effort out, so you are not totally exhausted after each block) in a heavy gear (this is not a 55-60rpm effort, rather the gear should feel slightly large (e.g. one sprocket top big) i.e. 70-75rpm. You should pace the effort, aiming to build the intensity throughout the effort to finish strong. Cadence circa 70rpm.
3. 5-minutes easy pedalling. Repeat steps 2 and 3 a further 3 times (4 efforts in total).

Session details:
Ramp up in 6 steps:
• 3-minutes @ Zone 1-2
• 3-minutes @ Zone 2
• 3-minutes @ Zone 2-3
• 3-minutes @ Zone 2-3
• 3-minutes @ Zone 3
• 3-minutes @ Zone 3-4

• 2-minutes @ Zone 1

Repeat 4 times:
• TT 4-minutes @ Zone 5 (70-75 rpm)
• Easy 5-minutes @ Zone 1

Cool Down:
• 4-minutes @ Zone 1

Safety Note:
Only undertake vigorous exercise if you are fit and healthy to do so. If you are at all unsure, consult a Physician or Doctor first. All training equipment including Bikes and Turbo trainers should be in full working order. Do not use any piece of equipment that does not come up to
the required standard.

More information:
For more information check out the Mountain Massif website www.mountainmassif.comOpens a new window. To record all your training data and chart your progress, consider using the TrainingPeaks app ( a new window). Follow us on Instagram, @Mountain_Massif and join our Zwift Club, by clicking the link below. a new window