Sunday, April 2nd
7:45PM GMT
Sunday Funday p/b TBR
Group Ride
Come hang with some friendly peeps on TBR’s D-friendly ride! We roll together in a big, happy bunch at an average 2.0w/kg pace.

We don’t use the fence in favor of control and respect for the ride leader and listed pace. Our rides are fence free and whinge free, if you stick to the leader’s Yellow Beacon like a bear to honey you will enjoy the benefits of a group draft along with lots of friendly banter. We want you to have a happy spin on the bike!

We may be The Big Ring and known for powerful riders, but our tent is also big and we encourage riders comfortable at a social pace to meet our friendly crew and learn about the TBR Effect. We are all about supporting riders in a friendly environment and helping people feel comfortable gradually working up to a faster pace. At TBR, we love to help riders look inside themselves and discover the hidden power within.

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