Saturday, June 10th
12:10PM GMT
The BMTR Fundo
Group Ride
The BMTR Fundo is a personal challenge against the distance and/or the clock. Some participants will ride the event like a race and others will ride it more casually with their primary goal to be completing the distance.

Ultimately, it's all about getting on the bike, grouping up with others along the way and having some fun. How fast or hard you choose to ride it and how far you choose to go is up to you!

Even though it's not “officially” a race, for those that may be treating it as such, there will be end-of-event results available.


The BMTR Fundo gives you a choice of four different distances. These 4 distances may vary from week to week. However, every week, all four distances are on the same route and start together at the same time.

As there are often several hundred Zwifters participating and everyone starts together, there will be many to group up and ride with along the way!


UNLIKE OTHER ZWIFT EVENTS, THE A, B, C, AND D GROUPS OF THE BMTR FUNDO DO NOT REFER TO RIDER STRENGTH, ABILITY, OR FITNESS. INSTEAD, THEY CORRESPOND TO DISTANCE. Thus, the average Watts per Kilogram (W/KG) range for each category is set at “AVG 1.0 - 5.0 W/KG” as each of the 4 different distances will have riders of all abilities.

Hope to see you there. Ride on!

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