Monday, September 25th
5:55PM GMT
The HERD Kickstart
Group Ride
The ride to kickstart your week! Our goal is to have fun, blow off some Monday steam and start our week like we want it to go on. Pace is 1.6 – 1.9 w/kg. We also select ride leader/courses that don't disadvantage heavier riders.

WE USE THE FENCE! The fence is in place to remind you to stay with the YELLOW BEACON.

This is a group ride and not a race, so please ride with the YELLOW BEACON. Stronger riders are encouraged to fall back and help the sweep team.

Join us on Discord during the ride to participate in audio conversation with one another. It will help the time pass by and give you a safe space to ask all the questions you have about Zwift, without feeling uncomfortable or risk being judged.