Saturday, May 4th
11:00AM GMT
Mt. Fuji Dojo Series HCTime Trial

コースは2つ。AカテゴリーはVen-Top、BカテゴリーはRoad to Skyです。KOMは、Ven-topはMont Ventoux KOM(距離:19km)で実際のMt.富士ヒルクライムのタイムに近く、Road to SkyのKOMであるAlpe du Zwift(12.2km)はタイムのおよそ1.5倍が近似値になり、手軽にシミュレーションができます。お好みやコンディションに合わせて現在の実力を測ってみましょう。

*タイムトライアルのカテゴリーはE 1.0~5.0 W/KG。パワーアップアイテムなし、ドラフティングなし。

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Before starting workouts aimed at the Mt. Fuji Hill Climb, let's perform a performance check. The first week will consist of a time trial (measurement).
This time trial will be held during the first week (7 days) of March, April, and May.
There are two courses. Category A is Ven-Top, and Category B is Road to Sky. The KOM for Ven-Top is the Mont Ventoux KOM (distance: 19km), which closely approximates the actual Mt. Fuji Hill Climb time, and the KOM for Road to Sky, Alpe du Zwift (12.2km), has a time that is approximately 1.5 times longer, allowing for an easy simulation. Assess your current strength according to your preference and condition.

Know your current position in terms of performance before attempting this workout and have a clear guideline for your training.
* The time trial categories are E 1.0–5.0 W/KG. No power-up items, no drafting.
Mt. Fuji Dojo Series HCTime Trial - Race Results
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TimeGapWattsW/kg20 minW/kg5 minW/kg15 secW/kg