Wednesday, July 29th
6:00PM GMT
TRI247 Workout Series: Laura Siddall's Inverted Pyramids
Group Workout
Every Wednesday at 7pm UK-time, TRI247 present a triathlon focused workout brought to you by a guest 'coach.' This will include sessions by pro triathletes, coaches and notable characters associated with the sport.

The workouts are about 60 minutes long and designed to add variety and interest to your weekly training schedule. This week we are pleased to welcome back multiple IRONMAN champion, Laura Siddall (aka ’Sid’!), as guest coach and ride leader.


With Time Trials and even a few triathlons starting to appear back on the racing schedule, this session will focus on being able to maintain that aero and race position whilst producing strong power. These next few weeks are a really good opportunity to hone in our TT position on the bike, and really focus on the technique so that wet we get released back into the wild, we have a great base, good form, and solid fitness to lunch us into the world again.

Oh, and don't forget to pack that extra set of lungs for the ability to chat whilst we go!

The main set will comprise of three, 9-minute pyramid efforts. Out period will be inverted, as we start hard (above FTP), and then will descend in power, before ramping back up to the finish.

We’ll have an extended warm-up ahead of the main sets, with a decent amount of recovery time between each block in order to ensure quality the second and third time around too.

ALL abilities are welcome - join us online for an hour of quality indoor training – and banter too!


This week’s session has been set and will be lead by British Long Distance Professional triathlete, Laura Siddall ( a new window)

’Sid’ as she is known, is a three-time winner of IRONMAN Australia, 2018 winner of IRONMAN New Zealand and was also the European Long Distance Triathlon champion, winning Challenge Madrid is 2018. Living the ‘Don’t Die Wondering’ mantra, Laura travels the world living between Girona in Spain, Christchurch in New Zealand and is currently back in the UK – ready to lead you in another great TRI247 Workout Series.

To download the ZWO file for this and previous workouts go to http://www.tri247.comOpens a new window


Zwifters line up in the starting area just like a normal event and once the event starts, workout mode begins. Everyone stays together regardless of power output. That's right, if you're outputting 100W and another Zwifter is outputting 400W you will stay in exactly the same position relative to each other. Only if you stop pedaling and fall 6 meters behind the group will the rubber-banding stop.


We highly recommend doing one of the FTP tests as the estimated FTP can be inaccurate and make the difficulty level of the workouts too high for your current fitness level.