Exciting News from Eurobike

Exciting News from Eurobike

ON 7 September 2019 by Zwift

As the world’s biggest bike show, Eurobike is the perfect place for us to meet the people who have helped Zwift become what it is today. Media personnel, hardware manufacturers, and of course actual Zwifters all play vital roles in helping Zwift continue to improve and grow, so each year we look forward to arriving Friedrichshafen, Germany for Eurobike week.

This was our biggest Eurobike ever, with a much larger exhibit and 40+ Zwift staffers on hand to meet with hardware partners, network with the media, and interact with our incredible community face to face.

But enough about us: after walking the halls and talking to hardware partners, we want to share the Eurobike news which has excited us most.

Smart Bikes Have Arrived

While major makers have had smart bikes in the works for 2-4 years, only at Eurobike 2019 are we finally seeing multiple models available in major markets. It looks like the wait was worth it.

Several smart bikes were on display at Eurobike 2019, and four were featured in our exhibit:

Each of these smart bikes has its own unique look and feature set, but all are well-built bikes with the features Zwifters want: accurate power, powerful resistance control, and quality “road feel.” They are also easily adjusted to fit riders of all sizes and include customizable controls to let riders interact with Zwift, perhaps in ways we haven’t yet conceived.

What Else Is New?

Apart from smart bikes, several companies rolled out completely new indoor cycling equipment.

Saris has released their MP1, a “rocker plate” which allows the bike and trainer to move side to side as well as fore and aft. Additionally, their new TD1 desk is a highly functional platform perfect for holding the keyboards, remotes, water bottles, and more which Zwifters like to keep within arm’s reach.

Elite has announced two completely new smart trainers. The direct-drive Suito store compactly and sets up easily, with one of the lowest prices of any direct drive trainer. The Tuo is Elite’s only wheel-on trainer, with a competitive price and unique design.

Smart Trainer Updates

Along with all the new equipment, updates were announced at Eurobike for several of our favorite direct-drive smart trainers.

  • Saris H3: the latest version of the Hammer, this trainer is now quieter, more accurate, and more affordable.
  • Elite Direto X: more accurate, more powerful, more quiet.
  • Tacx Neo 2T: the newest Neo is more powerful than ever, and more easily compatible with a wide range of frames and axles.
  • Wahoo KICKR: firmware updates are bringing cadence detection and other new features to this very popular trainer.

As indoor cycling matures and grows ever more popular, smart trainer prices continue to inch lower while features and reliability improve. This is all good news for Zwifters.

Shopping for a new trainer? The new units above will be available in the Zwift Shop as soon as we receive delivery from the manufacturers.

At Zwift, we’re excited to see that today’s cyclist has access to more feature-rich smart trainers and indoor accessories than ever before. But we also know there is still room for improvement in the indoor training experience! So we continue working with our hardware partners to help deliver the best workout sessions to more people, more often.