Tuesday, June 6th
8:15PM GMT
Chat and roll p/b TBR
Group Ride
Join the TBR crew and roll with Chris Hoiberg for a 45min 2.2 - 2.3 w/kg cruise and chat. Our yellow beacon will average around 40km/h (25mph), consistent with a category C flat ride, with a bit of variation to cater for the majority of riders. Our red beacon may create a second group in the last half of the ride and average around 38km/h (24mph) to help as many riders as possible to finish in a group.

The aim of the ride is to support those wanting to progress from sub 2w/kg rides to something a bit quicker as they improve their strength and fitness. Stronger riders are welcome and your assistance in the group will be appreciated as we will have sweepers working throughout the ride.

So come along at 8.15am AEST each Wednesday and see what makes TBR such a friendly bunch. You're all welcome and you'll have a mighty good time!

We don't use the fence for this ride. All riders should exercise self-control and respect the ride leader by riding with the yellow beacon at all times. Your co-operation helps us provide everyone with a fun, supportive and inclusive ride.

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