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Thursday, July 28th
5:30PM GMT
Hotchillee Gain Train
Group Ride
What is it?
Firstly, IT’S NOT A RACE but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy pace no-drop ride. It’s a paced “Category +” Hare and Hounds where you will be working predominately at the upper end of your category and hanging on for as long as you can in search of those gains.

What are the paces?
Paces are based on what the Ride Leader for each group will average and our leaders are pretty accurate - check on ZwiftPower afterwards. 

Buffet Class (D+) Leader will average 2.4 w/kg (departs at 1830)
Second Class (C+) Leader average 3.1 w/kg (departs at 1834)
First Class (B+) Leader will average 3.7 w/kg (departs at 1836)

Please do not push the pace faster than this, it ruins it for everyone - respect your Ride Leader, do what they ask and don’t sandbag.

Will the groups catch each other?
Usually we aim for there to be a catch/merge in the final 5km or so but this does depend on the course.
If a merge does happen, stronger riders are encouraged to “upgrade” to the faster group and, if you’re struggling, you can also “downgrade” to a slower one.

What if I get dropped?
Suck it up, maybe find someone to spin home with and try to hang on a bit longer next week - just like a IRL chain-gang, that’s how you get stronger.

Can I push it at the end?
With about 3km to go, your Leader will give a Go! Go! Go! shout and then, if you want, you can empty the tank.

What is Hotchillee?
Hotchillee is both an events company that organises some of the world's best cycling events and a cycling community. Check out the website for details of events, rides and to get involved www.hotchillee.comOpens a new window