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Tuesday, December 22nd
3:10PM GMT
L39ION of LA Launch Ride
Group Ride
Ride with Future of American Cycling

Big news: Zwift is the title sponsor of one of the most exciting teams in cycling: L39ION of Los Angeles! Like Zwift, they call Southern California home and have ambitious goals that go beyond winning races.

L39ION wants to make the world of bike racing a better place and focuses on increasing diversity and representation in cycling.

We’re proud to help support L39ION in turning the tide. First, the tough bit to swallow: only five of the 743 riders on cycling’s elite World Tour are Black, and none of the 113 professional riders licensed by USA Cycling are Black, according to The New York Times.

L39ION of LA adds some must-needed flavor to the status quo, often going against the grain of the traditional cycling team model. Managed by team founder and 11x National Road & Track Champ Justin Williams, L39ION of LA is made up of primarily Black and Latinx athletes. In addition, the team recently signed three women athletes to join the 2021 roster.

But that’s just a portion of L39ION’s DNA.

This team is also second-to-none in cutting loose and having fun. Don’t take our word for it, though, join some of the team members for a Zwift social group ride. Get to know them because you’ll be seeing them around Watopia a lot more often.

We’re hosting two 45-minute social spins. They’ll be at 3 w/kg, give or take.

Is this race?
No. You don’t want to race this team! This is a spirited group ride, focused on chatting and learning more about L39ION.

Fun Fact
The “3” and “9” in L39ION’s name is a tip of the cycling cap to the street where Justin and his brothers and team-members CJ and Cory grew up: 39th Street in South Central LA.