Sunday, January 2nd
7:00AM GMT
ZU4R eSport Masochist Climber series 2022
Group Ride
ZU4R Sportswear has the pleasure to invite you to the ZU4R eSport Masochist Climber series 2022. Here we will challenge, cheer on, support and put each other in competition, in a series of climbs up the Alpe du Zwift – Road to Sky.

In addition to the community, we have the following badges as objectives:
• Avid Climber: Climb the Alpe 5 times
• Masochist: Climb the Alpe 25 times
• Lift Off: Finish Alpe in under an hour
And of course - the climbing wheels: Lightweight Meilenstein, which you can get on the wheel of fortune at the top of AdZ. Collecting altitude meters for the Zwift Consept bike Z1 (Tron) bike can also be a goal for those who do not have this bike.

More information about ZU4R eSport: https://www.zu4resport.comOpens a new window
We use the Voice channel "Masochist Climber» at ZU4R eSport Discord-server: a new window

Welcome – ride together – RIDE ON 👍
ZU4R eSport Masochist Climber series 2022 - Race Results
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