Tuesday, July 12th
9:10AM GMT
Zwift Classics - The Apple Lap
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Rendez-vous sur www.support.zwift.com pour obtenir plus d'informations sur les règles de compétition.
Welcome to the Apple Lap in New York on the Astoria Line 8!

These fun, action packed races provide the perfect level up for your training and a great way to fit racing into your daily schedule. Open to all levels and abilities, Zwift Classics consists of 7-weeks of racing on some of Zwift’s best racing routes across seven iconic worlds.

The rules for these events are simple and easy; sign up, pair your devices and race! Results will be shown as you cross the finish line, and you can then dive into the details at www.zwiftpower.comOpens a new window.

New Zwift Classics will start every Monday and last for a week, with plenty of races scheduled each day to suit every schedule

July 11 - July 17: The Apple Lap
July 18 - July 24: Watopia Cup
July 25 - July 31: Watch The Femmes
August 1 - August 7: Yorkshire Grand Prix
August 8 - August 14: London International
August 15 - August 21: Rund um Innsbruck
August 22 - August 28: Trofeo Bologna

For these races Category Enforcement will place you in a race category with riders of similar ability. Further info about Category Enforcement can be found below.

We love Power Ups and what they bring to racing. Use them as part of your race strategy, or simply for a little bit of assistance when needed! For this event the Power Ups and the chances of you getting then at each arch are:

Feather - 34%
Draft - 33%
Anvil - 33%

CLASSICS GC - Although each Classic is its own individual race, you can also race the entire series as a GC (General Classification) challenge and shoot for your best combined time over the 7 weeks! Along the way, if you want to improve your time for any Classic by racing it more than once, only your best time will count towards your overall standing.
So settle in for the long haul, turn racing into a weekly habit, and track your overall position in the series week by week here - https://zwiftpower.com/league.php?id=1143Opens a new window.

WHAT IS CATEGORY ENFORCEMENT? Category Enforcement will prevent Zwifters from entering a category they are not eligible for. Our goal is to increase fairness in racing.

HOW DOES IT WORK? - Zwift checks a racer's past performance using VO2max, MAP value, and FTP to determine their race category. - Racers can join a category at or above their category. For example, if you are in the "C" category, you can race in C, B, or A category. You can not race in the D category. Good luck Zwifters!

WHAT IS ZWIFT POWER? For further information on connecting to Zwift Power check out this support page; https://support.zwift.com/en_us/connecting-to-zwiftpower-SyldRc_4HOpens a new window

Zwift Classics - The Apple Lap - Race Results
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