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Saturday, August 6th
8:00AM GMT
Zwift Insider Tiny Race (1 of 4)
Cet événement est soumis aux conditions suivantes :
category enforcement iconCatégorie imposée.
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Four short, hard races in under an hour. It's Zwift Insider's Tiny Race Series!

Each race is on a different route, all around 5km long, so they'll each take 6-10 minutes to complete. Races are scheduled 15 minutes apart so you can sign up and race all four in under an hour.

Each race gives out just one type of powerup. This week's races:

- Race 1 (Serpentine 8 w/custom finish) No powerup
- Race 2 (London Loop w/custom finish) Feather
- Race 3 (Duchy Estate, 1 Lap) Draft Boost
- Race 4 (Downtown Dolphin, 2 Laps) Feather

You earn points in each race based on your finishing position. The overall winner (on ZwiftPower, under "Leagues") is the rider with the most points for the week's set of four races.

Race these events hard and steady for an hour-long VO2 workout. Hop into just one for a one-off scratch race. Or chase the overall points series title for the week by racing all four strategically. Do whatever you'd like, just go hard!

- HR monitors required
- Zwift minimum category enforcement is in effect
- Final results are on ZwiftPower
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