Monday, August 8th
10:15PM GMT
The HERD Mellow Monday
Group Ride
Are you a Herdling with substance? All endurance, not so much about speed? Whether you are trying to get into shape, become a smaller version of yourself or just looking to ride with some like-minded people, this is the ride for you.

The goal to have fun, be comfortable with who we are, and blow off some Monday steam.
Pace is 1.0 – 1.3. Non Clyde/Athena riders are welcome, but recognize this is a place for us to feel welcome and comfortable. We will ride a mix of courses, because just because we are larger, doesn’t mean we can’t climb!

Respect the leader's pace and ride with the yellow beacon. This is NOT A RACE! Stronger riders are encouraged to fall back and help sweep the riders struggling in the back.

Join us on Discord during the ride to participate in audio conversation with one another. It will help the time pass by and give you a space to ask all the questions you have about Zwift and Cycling in general: a new window (Please use Push-To-Talk)
Check us out on Facebook: a new window

The HERD Mellow Monday (D) - Race Results
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