Thursday, June 8th
11:00AM GMT
Rapha Women's 100 Workout
Group Workout
This workout aims to improve your endurance, to help you prepare for the Rapha Women's 100km Challenge! Whilst your target event is a long one - your training doesn't have to be. You can prepare for Rapha Women's 100 by completing structured Zwift workouts - such as this one. The workout contains 3 x 9 minute blocks of Zone 3, with some surges thrown in for good measure! The Zone 3 riding should feel nice and comfortable, however the surges may sting a little. The surges in each block increase in intensity, but decrease in duration; Block 1 - 105% of FTP for 30 seconds, Block 2 - 110% of FTP, for 20 seconds, Block 3 - 115% of FTP for 15 seconds. At the end of each 9 minute block, there is a 1 minute 'free ride' - you can either drop the hammer and give it your max effort, or ride easy and encourage your fellow Zwifters!