Wednesday, August 30th
10:10AM GMT
Stage 5: Race the Worlds—City and the Sgurr
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Welcome to the August ZRacing Monthly Series!

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Get ready to race through Scotland's scenic routes just like the pros at the 2023 UCI World Championship in Glasgow. Stage 5 goes down on August 28, with two laps on the City and the Sgurr route.

The ZRacing Monthly Series features weekly events with a general classification (GC) that resets every month—so race your way onto the leaderboards! Complete all four stages to earn yourself the “Race the Worlds” badge.

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Dates: August 28- Sept. 3
World: Scotland
Route: City and the Sgurr
Laps: 2
Distance: 14.61 km
Elevation: 332 m

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Compete in all four races during August as a general classification (GC) challenge and shoot for your best combined time over the month! You can improve your time for any event by racing it more than once. Only your best time will count towards your overall standing.

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Stage 5: Race the Worlds—City and the Sgurr (A) - Race Results
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