Friday, June 9th
3:00AM GMT
Team Italy Super Early Ride
Group Ride
Welcome to our Team Italy Super Early Ride, if you are an European rider, this is the best way to begin your day, if you are riding from the other part of the world, this is a very nice way for finish it. This ride is C category, follow the leader instructions for the next 60 minutes and enjoy it, be careful because the draft is very strong, the fence is killer, so the ride leader can kick you out of the ride if you don't respect the pace.
Please add the Tag Ita after your surname, you'll unlock our jersey if you complete the ride. join our Team Italy club on Companion for all the events.
This is our Facebook Group: a new window and Discord Channel of Team Italy: a new window
We have also a Strava Club Team Italy: a new window
#teamitaly #jerseyunlock #respect4leader