Saturday, July 18th
7:00AM GMT
L'Etape du Tour Stage 3
Group Ride
When it comes to bucket-list cycling events, L’Etape du Tour is on the shortlist. Every year, a massive group of lucky riders—about 15,000—attempts a Tour de France stage. You have to see it to believe it. It’s a massive undertaking.

Most of these riders have dreamed about the event for eons. With such huge demand, many have waited for years just to win an entry.

On the day of the ride, you can almost hear the butterflies in these pedalers' bellies. These stages are long and grueling.

Once the ride starts, it’s go time. The butterflies dissipate.
Thanks to closed roads, epic locations, and great support, L’Etape participants get to experience what it’s like to be a pro for a day.

This ride is as close as non-pros can get to the TdF experience.

Until now.

Make cycling history during the Virtual L'Etape du Tour de France. Because special times call for special measures, you can ride three of the courses that the pros will race during the Virtual Tour de France.

That’s right: you can ride three different events if you’re up for it. Each one includes abundant bragging rights, but if you’re ready to go for all three, do it!

Pro tip: the rides get progressively harder. The first is your chance to experience Virtual L'Etape du Tour de France. The second is the first chance you’ll have to ride the new French map. And the final stage is an epic French climb.

And to make this event even more exciting, two of the three stages are on brand new roads from our France map.

Keep your eyes peeled for sunflowers, famous Parisian landmarks, and maybe even an immortalized famous fan.

Stage 3

WORLD: France
ROUTE: Ven-Top
LAP DISTANCE: 20.8km (12.9 miles)
ELEVATION GAIN PER LAP: 1539m (5049 feet)
TOTAL DISTANCE: 20.8km (12.9 miles)

Is this a race?

Only if you want it to be. But it’s July, and you’ll likely be riding French tarmac, so why not go for it?

Even if it’s not your raison d'être, it’s probably close.

Most cyclists will give it all they have. There will also be Zwifters who aim to finish. And plenty will mix it up with intense and less-intense efforts.

Unlocking the Kit

Finish one of the Virtual L'Etape du Tour de France events to unlock the official kit. Talk about fast fashion.


The Virtual L'Etape du Tour takes place during the first three weekends of July. Each weekend will host one stage that’s identical to a stage the pros race during Virtual Tour de France.

Does Virtual L'Etape du Tour de France include a charitable aspect?

Oui, oui! Virtual L'Etape du Tour de France is part of Le Tour United, a larger campaign raising money for a small group of charities. Please consider donating. More info: a new window