Cyclist to 10k run plan

Cyclist to 10k run plan

ON 15 dicembre 2018 by Sean Jefferson

From Cyclist to Runner: The 10k Training Plan

You’ve been cycling for a while now and have built a solid training foundation. You understand what workouts make you a faster sprinter, a better distance rider, and beyond. But when it comes to running, you could use a little help.

Luckily, we’ve got the perfect training plan to help take your running game to the next level.

 Designed for cyclists with a real sense of structured training, this plan is meant to help riders make the jump to running. If your time on the bike has left you wanting a new or different challenge, welcome to Zwift’s 10k Training Plan.     

The Nitty Gritty

The full 8-week version of this plan covers 122.1 miles, averaging 15 miles per week. It starts light, with a prep week of short hills, low-base miles, and a short and easy run to start building your running legs.

The first four weeks focus on mileage by alternating short and long progressive increasing base miles (start slow, finish fast) as well as short hill workouts. The intensity of this first phase is kept relatively low, while hill sessions add harder efforts without the need for high-speed intervals. Peak volume hits in the fourth week at 19.1 miles.

Now that we’ve built some base miles, the volume will decrease through weeks 58 as we ramp up intensity.

The last three weeks of the plan are considered the race prep phase. Here we’ll blend tempo, threshold, and speed workouts to prepare you for a fast 10k on race day.


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