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Monday, October 24th
12:00PM GMT
Ride With James from Zwift HQ - With new Pack Dynamics
Group Ride
How do I sign up for the Everest Challenge?
What’s the fastest bike you can buy with hard earned Drops?
How do you get better at Racing?

Join James from Zwift HQ for an hour and ask all of your burning questions. He’ll do his best to finally explain why pink bikes are the fastest and help guide you to a better understanding of various aspects of the game, from Group rides to Pace Partners, Racing events and more.

Already an expert at all things Zwift? Come along, grab a wheel and take a spin around an enjoyable route.

James, as your ride leader, will be riding with a big yellow beacon above his head and doing 1.5w/kg (120w) on the flats and 2w/kg (160w) on the hillier parts of the route.

This event is using the newer type of pack dynamics - Pack Dynamics v4 (EXPERIMENTAL)

The Goal:
This new version of PD has the goal of creating a more realistic racing experience (compared to IRL racing). The main changes introduced focus on reducing the forward and backwards movement of cyclists in the pack while also reducing the overall speed of larger groups.

We encourage racers to try a more “aggressive” approach and try breakaway opportunities to create more dynamic racing scenarios.

What you can expect:

Less speed in groups of cyclists where there isn’t a concerted effort to “pull” the group by taking pulls at the front.

Double draft is activated by default therefore riding in a group should feel a bit easier than with the standard draft model.


Did you encountered any problems with this new change?

How was the racing experience? Did it felt like there were more chances for small break aways to succeed?

World: Makuri
Route: Wandering Flats
Duration: 1 lap
Lap Distance: 25.1km // 15.6mi
Lap Elevation: 145m // 476’
Ride With James from Zwift HQ - With new Pack Dynamics (D)
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