Saturday, February 18th
3:00PM GMT
Team Velos - Route Bagger Challenge
Group Ride
Ready to challenge yourself and bag those hard route badges? You know... the ones you keep putting off? Well then, fill your bidons, grab some snacks & towels, start your fans, and join us as we help you accumulate climbing metres. Once a month we will set off together to tackle the hardest Zwift routes. Whether you are working towards your Everest (Tron bike) Challenge or just want to enjoy the company of a friendly and supportive group of cyclists as you climb some big hills and complete route achievements, we have you covered. Depending on the length and difficulty of each course, we will schedule rest breaks (to be announced at the start of each event).

Our leader will set a steady pace, not too demanding, as we tackle challenging routes together and help you tick off those tougher badges. We will aim for a reasonable D pace (average 2w/kg) to make this event achievable for most riders. Leaders and sweepers will offer friendly banter and supportive wheels to help riders pass the time. No better way to challenge yourself than in good company, sharing laughs. Hope to see you Saturday in the starting pen!

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