Monday, June 5th
4:15PM GMT
ZZRC Wrecked Legs - Post Weekend Recovery Ride
Group Ride
Overdid things at the weekend? Legs feeling a bit second-hand, abused and lacking in oomph? Going clubing later and want to shake out your dancing pins? THIS RIDE IS FOR YOU!

This is a group ride, we aim to support each other. It's not a race, but it's also is not a "no drop ride".

This ride is a Cat C, MEDIUM paced group ride, aimed at getting the blood flowing to your muscles. It is NOT a slow paced Cat D ride. The leader reserves the right to gently tease anyone complaining the pace is NOT AS ADVERTISED for NOT ACTUALLY READING THE DESCRIPTION!!!

We will roll out of the pen at below the minimum advertised pace, then build the pace up over the first 2km. The pace will then rise gradually through the ride gentle increments each lap. Aiming for zone 1 / zone 2 HR.

A bike ride is not a propper bike ride without a big hill or two and there may be some climbs involved. We keep a steady pace on most climbs but understand riders may climb at different speeds, things may get stretched, we're chilled with that, no drama, we will regroup after. PLEASE RESPECT ANY REQUESTS TO REGROUP.

Nobody likes being dropped, we’ve all been there, we understand the frustration. Bear in mind this is not a “no drop ride” and the pace will rise gradually.
The draft effect means if you’re fall off the back of the main group you need to pace well over group pace to bridge the gap and catch. As a guide 3.5 or 4.0w/kg is needed to chase down a group at 2.7w/kg.

Sweepers are not in operation and if you find yourself further back:
A) Shortly after the start - Consider exiting the event and re-joining as a late joiner (late join is available for the first 30 minutes). Zwift's late join feature SHOULD teleport you into the main pack when you re-join.
B) After a signal drop out - Send a message to the group we may be able to arrange for some of the stronger riders to drop back and help. Just as long as you’re not on a TT bike (they don’t draft) or over a minute back.
Otherwise check the mini-map for riders around you, form a gruppetto with them, support each other (#DoubleDraft is on), chat, give "ride ons", make Zwift buddies, come back stronger next week.

- Stay close to the ride leader (or in front on climbs), don’t let a gap form and the elastic snap! This is especially important on descents as the leader will often roll through the regroup point at the bottom.
- Stay away from the Fence - it’s evil.
- Visit the ZZRC facebook page.
- Most important of all: HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE RIDE.

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