Tuesday, November 21st
2:00PM GMT
Workout #3 | The Finisher | ZA 2023
Group Workout
The Finisher mimics the real-world demands of professional racing, especially when it comes to race-winning sprints. In the high-octane world of pro cycling, victories rarely come from “fresh” legs. Instead, winning comes from pushing yourself to new levels while already fatigued. By inducing a specific level of fatigue before the efforts in this workout, we aim to simulate these race conditions—working on your ability to deliver power and speed when it counts. By knocking out this workout, you'll test your limits and gain insights into your potential to shine in the most challenging race moments.

The short workout is 42 minutes, and the long is 91. Remember, you must complete the long version if you want a shot at the pro contract.

Complete the workouts between November 6 and December 17. We recommend the following schedule: Workout 1, Workout 2, Workout 3, Race 1, Workout 4, Race 2, Workout 5, Workout 6.