PowerUp Tri Podcast Episode 24: Jan Frodeno

PowerUp Tri Podcast Episode 24: Jan Frodeno

ON March 26, 2020 by Zwift

The PowerUp Tri Podcast is hosted by former pro triathletes Matt Lieto and Jordan Rapp, who lend their in-depth knowledge of the multisport to the Zwift Tri audience.

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In this episode we are lucky enough to have an athlete often referred to as the greatest of all time with us. Jan Frodeno is the current Ironman World Champion and course record holder, an Olympic gold medalist, and a 2-time 70.3 World Champion. Jan is clearly a living legend and we could think of no better topic to chat with him about than “Legacy in sport.”

With the recent passing of Kobe Bryant, it’s clear that the term “legacy” can mean so much more than just a great athlete; it’s someone that transcends sport and has the ability to inspire an entire generation.

It’s made clear when opening the show that Jan has a unique mindset when I ask him the simple question, “What result are you most proud of?”  His answer says a lot about his motivations and what drives him as an athlete: “Pride is a strange word for me. I live in a family where success is expected more than it’s something to be proud of.”

He shares with us that just recently he felt genuine pride for the first time when his young son skied down a hill for the first time. He goes on to explain his successes haven’t come from anything extraordinarily different in his approach, and in fact it can be quite simple, “I’m a big fan of doing simple things right, often.”

When it comes to legacy, Jan is quite aware that it is deeper than results. He itches for a time in his career when he can focus on giving back to a greater degree and making a bigger difference. “The amount of luck and fortune I’ve been dealt is something that requires it to be passed on. Anything else would be a wasted opportunity.” He also talks of some great examples of the type of legacy he looks up to in our sport: “Look at Bob Babbitt and his foundation, how many people, how many kids he gets involved.” Bob is definitely a great example and no doubt Jan will follow suit.

Jan gave us so many golden quotes in the podcast and there are far too many to put here. Besides getting a glimpse into what makes Jan tick as an athlete, we took time for some good old fashioned banter and story time, like usual. Jan and I learn we share a love for skimo, or as Jan calls it, “helicopter skiing for the poor.” Jordan and Jan trade coffee insights and Jan gives us the details behind the recent shoe sponsor change after 17 years with Asics.

I tell y’all this every episode, but really, this one is NOT to be missed!

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