Virtual Tour de France Stages

Stage 4, July 12

R.G.V. Deja Vu Plus a Beast of a Climb

With all of the castles and quaint French towns of R.G.V., plus a healthy ascent, Casse-Pattes has something for everyone. This route starts in France’s flats with a quick sprint before hitting rollers that include two more sprints—Pavé and Ballon. Next, the slope heads for the sky during the Petit KOM. 

The stages end in a fury with a Marina Sprint. 

All in, there are eight points locations: Sprint 1 / (Lap #1), K/QOM 1 / (Lap #1), K/QOM 2 / (Lap #1), Sprint 1 / (Lap #2), K/QOM 1 / (Lap #2), K/QOM 2 / (Lap #2), Finish (GC and Sprint Points).