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Saturday, December 19th
3:00PM GMT
3R Steady Ride - In memory of Nipton Loop Cyclists
Group Ride
This is a 3R Group Ride Event in memory of Nipton Loop Cyclists who recently passed away due to a tragic accident. Our 3R ride leader Michael Anderson Chikken is organizing a fundraising page to gather funds for deceased cyclists families. Here is a link to the fundraising page: a new window.

Please help gather funds to ease some of the financial strain for them.
Your co-operation and teamwork on this ride are essential to success. We expect several groups to form during this ride, each within C category power limit. The event is designed as part of 3R’s package of #ProStyleTraining events to assist with the attainment of your training goals and may include intervals over and below the ride average parameters. This is not a race so please follow the leader beacon's (Yellow) instructions and if you are feeling strong, please help the keeper beacon (Red) to assist other riders back to the pack. We welcome good banter and aim to create a fun, social atmosphere for your training. We also welcome any feedback on our Facebook page: a new window

#Team3R #Ride3R #RideRaceRaise #3r
3R Steady Ride - In memory of Nipton Loop Cyclists (C)
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