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Thursday, April 18th
9:15AM GMT
QT2 Systems Group Workout
Group Workout
QT2 Banded Long FTP Squeeze Int...
This 60 minute workout is designed for riders who are looking for longer intervals, sitting just above and below FTP, improving an athlete's ability to take on and buffer through lactic acid.

Following a variable warm up, riders will complete three rounds of 11-minute descending squeeze intervals. Each interval will start out well above FTP, and gradually drop in intensity, all the while squeezing out the length of time spent at intensity, and ending with a closing supra-FTP "sprint" of variable length.

About the workout designer:

QT2 Systems - Coach Tim Gerry
Tim Gerry believes in drawing from his experiences as an athlete, parent, teacher and coach, and combining them with the QT2 and CORE DIET principles to help his athletes reach for their dreams, and realize their potential through progressive structured training blocks. QT2 has transformed Tim from a competitive age grouper, to a consistent podium finisher, twice qualifying for the Ironman World Championship. Tim understands the needs of his athletes through his and his athletes successes and failures, by working with them to balance jobs, training and family. His goal is to create a working relationship, by listening to his athletes, creating common goals and embarking upon the journey together
QT2 Systems Group Workout (E)
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