What is Zwift

Join millions of Zwifters on the app that makes indoor cycling fun. Jump into immersive worlds, challenge yourself on epic climbs, and ride on endless roads, all from the comfort of home.

Training For Everyone


Boost your fitness with thousands of workouts to choose from. There’s a session for every duration, intensity, or goal. 

Training Plans

Flexible training plans fit around your schedule and help you target specific cycling events or increases in your bike FTP.

Fitness Tracking

Track your fitness over time with automatic detection of improvements to your FTP and sync your rides and workouts to your other fitness apps. 

Community-Powered Fun

24/7 Group Rides

With a community of over a million Zwifters, there's always someone to ride with. Organized events set off every 5-10 minutes, plus there are a range of Robopacers leading groups at different intensity levels all day, every day.

Flagship Tours & Events

Celebrate the best that Zwift has to offer alongside a global community with the biggest events and tours. Unique ride formats, rewards, and partners make for fresh training content all year round. 


Challenge yourself with daily races against other riders worldwide. The races are categorized, so you know you’re competing at your fitness level. 

Unlimited Motivation

Worlds & Routes

With 12 worlds and over 120 individual routes to explore—from iconic climbs to underwater tunnels and everything in between—motivation never runs dry on Zwift.

Challenge Yourself

Push yourself against your best times for climbs, laps, and sprints—tracking your progress on segment leaderboards or chasing down your own HoloReplay. 

XP, Achievements & Rewards

Every ride comes with a bonus, whether that’s XP towards your next level and in-game rewards or Drops to spend on virtual bikes and gear. 

Zwift Features at a Glance

Thousands of workouts to fit every schedule

Flexible Training Plans tailored to your goals

Group Rides starting all day, every day

Flagship tours celebrating the best of Zwift

Categorized racing for every level

12 Virtual worlds & 100s Kms to ride

A million-strong community of Zwifters


Yes, you'll need an account to ride on Zwift. To set this up and access your free trial, select ‘Get Started’ at the top of this page or anywhere on zwift.com.

Yes. Every monthly membership comes with a free trial and our best value annual membership comes with a 30-day money back guarantee for new subscribers.

To ride on Zwift, you need a smart bike like Zwift Ride, or you can pair a smart trainer with your existing outdoor bike. You’ll also need a device to run Zwift. For more information about what’s needed to get started on Zwift, check out our setup guide.

You can run Zwift on your PC or Mac with an operating system of Windows 10 or macOS® 10.14.4 and above. Zwift will also run on a variety of Smartphones, Streaming Devices, and Tablets. For Android devices you must be running Android® 9.0 or higher. You can operate Zwift on iPhone® SE or higher, iPhone®6S, or higher and iPad mini® 4 or higher, iPad® Air 2 or higher, iPad® Pro and iPad® 5th generation or higher. Finally you can also run Zwift on Apple TV with tvOS 14 and higher. You can learn more about the best devices to run Zwift here.

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"As a professional cyclist, optimizing training time is crucial. With Zwift, I can seamlessly integrate quality sessions into my busy schedule and ride with friends anytime to keep it fun."

Level 31 (Bike)

"I like using Zwift before and after races because it allows the Zwift community to be closer to our team, no matter where they are supporting from in the world. People can watch our races, then jump on Zwift and join us cooling down in the game!"

Level 17 (Bike)

"Zwift helps me train and perform set intervals, regardless of where I am and the weather outside. I've met many people in the real world who tell me they've ridden with me on Zwift. It's a fun, global community to be a part of."

Level 24 (Bike)