Saturday, January 1st
4:00PM GMT
Saskatchewan's Provincial+ New Years FUNdo
Group Ride
Welcome to Saskatchewan, Canada’s Provincial+ New Year’s FUNdo.

This is a fondo-style ride open to all skill levels and abilities. The ride is split into categories based on distance. Each category’s ride features a unique course. All of the rides feature enough elevation to keep the legs spinning.

Choose the category that best fits your schedule. Expect some action at the front, just as you would experience in an outdoor fondo. This is a perfect ride to: challenge yourself, meet a distance goal, or to just ride with your friends. None of the fondo categories will include ride leaders.

Hosted by a team of Saskatchewan’s cycling clubs, this event is made for cyclists from around the world. Thank you to HPL Cycling, Off-Road Syndicate, Rock n Road Cycling, Moose Jaw Pavers, Regina Cycle Club, East Qu’Appelle Cartel, Cycledelia, and Horizon 100 for coming together to build a more inclusive and participatory cycling community in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Local club members are looking forward to riding with people from around the world.

A Group = Watopia - Climbers Gambit – 28km 671m elevation

B Group = Watopia - Seaside Sprint – 103.6km – 785m elevation

C Group = Watopia - Big Foot Hills – 70km – 714m elevation

D Group = Watopia - Figure 8 – 30.2km – 255m elevation

To learn more about our team head to our website at https://hplcycling.caOpens a new window
Saskatchewan's Provincial+ New Years FUNdo (A) - Race Results
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TimeGapWattsW/kg20 minW/kg5 minW/kg15 secW/kg