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Sunday, September 4th
9:00AM GMT
WCC Breakfast ride
Group Ride
Welcome to the Wobble Cycle Club (WCC) Breakfast Ride…
WCC is a new club of riders who seek to have fun and enjoyment with the occasional little competitive edge thrown in. This ride is focused on providing a friendly and social atmosphere at a relaxed pace. Our ride leaders are programmed to within an inch of their lives to ensure that they keep within the advertised pace while at the same time providing lots of space for banter and comment. Feel free to join in or just ride along and soak up the wit and repartee! We also have a cohort of sweepers available to help bring riders back to the group if they fall off the back – our credo is that no-one rides alone! If you need assistance please just give us a shout and one of our sweepers will assist you.
We promise you a good time. Please give us a try. The acid test will be whether you come back the following week. We are sure you will!
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