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Thursday, November 24th
6:15PM GMT
Something Different! - Ladies ride
Group Ride
This event has the following requirements:
women only iconWomen only.
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Looking for a ride which improves your cycling scales? Join Something Different!

In this ladies group-ride we have weekly a different training which is based on the course. A basic pace for warming-up and recovery combined with some good puches bij sprints, climbs or intervals. With an average pace at the end at 2.0-2.3 W/kg, this ride can be used to get you closer to a cat-C rider or just to have a different ride.

A training with different paces and without a rubber band means no cheating possible. But also a responsibility for the leader to try to build-up a good ride. The highest paces will be at the end. The recovery time can be used to catch up if you do lost the group.

Between the first Thursday of October and the last Thursday in March there is a training with a leader. From April to September this ride is a group-workout.
Something Different! - Ladies ride (D)
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