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Sunday, January 8th
6:00AM GMT
Uber Pretzel Draft Badge Hunt with DZR
Group Ride
#DoubleDraft #SeeAllCategories #SameTimeStarts #LateJoin

DZR 🇩🇰 invites our riders, friends, DZR prospects and anyone else interested in our badge hunt event for the epic route: Uber Pretzel 🚀 (Get sweet XP 🌟 and drops 🥵💦)

We will ride with Double Draft to make it more likely to stay in larger groups 🚴💨💨 Be aware that if you get dropped from a group, make an immediate effort to get back to group, as it's much harder to catch up to a group than sitting in double draft 👀

The plan:
1) Get over the first accent 🏔️
2) Enjoy the draft in large groups on the relative flat course 🚴💨💨
3) Climb the epic finish on Alpe Du Zwift! 🏔️🏆

The Über Pretzel (Map: Watopia)
Length: 128.3 km (79.7 miles)
Elevation: 2.335 m (7,661‘) - Ideal for Tron hunt!🏔️


Do you have a New Year's Resolution to ride more? Let's get going together 🚀

Or maybe you just want to get lean again after a Christmas with plenty of food, snacks and treats? 💪

Set aside a good chunk of time ⏳ and nutrition 🍪🍫🧃, this is a looooong ride. Group leaders (C/B) will try to ride this marathon event in 4 hours 30 minutes at 2.5 w/kg on flat and 3.0 on accents - but we encourage you to adjust your pace, to have as large groups of riders as possible with draft, so we can get through this together and earn that sweet badge, a massive XP bonus and elevation (for Tron challenge)

No "stay together" or "fence" in this ride - we want to allow all categories to participate and ride together as they see fit. Join the
category you usually belong to, so others can see who they are riding with - even though all categories start at the same time, everyone can see (and draft) each other and can benefit from starting at the same time.

DZR public discord 📞 during race (Danish + English channel): a new window a new window

#PowerUps: Aero Boost 🚴💨💨💨

Bring your friends! 🙋 Ride on 👍

DZR 🇩🇰
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