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Friday, February 28th
1:15AM GMT
Tower 26 Group Workout
Group Workout
TOWER 26 Workout: Big Gear/High Cadence Varying Intensity

The TOWER 26 workout this week will balance big gear efforts at a lower intensity with high intensity efforts at a higher cadence. The muscular endurance built throughout this session by varying cadence and intensity helps you lay the foundation for race day by helping to prepare you to POWER through any situation that may arise. Grab your towel, fill your water bottle, and get ready to work!

TOWER 26 Swimming, the premiere name in triathlon swim training, is now offering triathlon coaching services. Led by experienced Head Coach Jim Lubinski, these triathlon specific cycling workouts will follow the TOWER 26 season-long progression of phases of training building your cycling strength in a smart, periodized manner. Our phases of training entail: Foundation, Sharpening, Race Preparation, Race Ready, and Recovery/Technical. Each workout will fit within the current phase of training, educating the athlete as to how the specific workout fits into the overall season-long progression and how the workout will best get the athlete Performance Prepared and Race READY.

Listen to the TOWER 26 - Be Race Ready Podcast with Coach Jim Lubinski and Coach Gerry Rodrigues help further your triathlon education in an entertaining spin on it.

For more information on TOWER 26 go to www.TOWER26.comOpens a new window or email
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