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Friday, March 17th
5:00AM GMT
Friday Rocacorba Collective - non-coached workout
Group Workout
Experience the Rocacorba Collective weekly workout.

Every Thursday our Training Members are guided by coach Helen Bridgman. In case you missed it or want to have a taste of what and how we train, we are making our workout available every Friday, with no lead. So put on some music and enjoy! You might even find one of our DS´s on the road to chat with. During Racing Season, the route will be the same as the upcoming race, so you can use this as a recon ride as well.
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Session : Hill Attacks

FTP blocks with anaerobic sprint efforts to start and finish each one aimed at pushing up your FTP and improving your body’s ability to clear lactate and resistance to fatigue. Perfect for any Zwift racers!

Warm up steady for 5 min from 40-60% FTP. The we move to our 5 minute warm up ramp all the way up to threshold to get the body ready to work. 5 minutes spinning easy to recover before we start out main interval blocks.

We have 5 blocks of intervals or 30:140:10s intervals: Sprint for 30s - fast legs (95+rpm), start out of the saddle for the first 10s and then sit down; follow immediately by 2min20 at FTP, seated and slow the legs down to 80-90rpm. Finish with a 10 second standing all out max sprint effort, fast legs (over 100rpm).

Recover for 4 mins, spinning easy between efforts.

Cool down for 10 minutes to finish.
Friday Rocacorba Collective - non-coached workout (C)
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