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Sunday, March 19th
7:00PM GMT
The Stampede (iTT) by Herd Racing League
Time Trial
This event has the following requirements:
category enforcement iconCategory Enforced.
Visit for more information on race rules.
Join the Herd Racing League as we race a series of 10 Individual Time Trial events.

The races this season will all be in the TT module and there is no draft. For each event, you'll want to go as hard as you can and see how you compare to other racers both in your own event, racers in other time slots and, most importantly, yourself!

We are using Category Enforcement to set categories so you can be assured that the riders in your category will be of relatively similar ability.

Your best 8 results of the series (first race each week, in case you try to do more than one!) out of the 10, so make them count!

In order to show up in the Race Results, you will need an account on the WTRL website here: a new window and the results across all races is posted at a new window

For more information, including a weekly recon post on the route, please visit our group on Facebook: a new window
Join us on Discord during the race! a new window

Routes for the current series:

Week, Date, Route, Distance, Notes
1, 05/02/23, Legends and Lava, 5 km, Ends top of Titan's Grove
2, 12/02/23, Tour of Tewitt Well, 10.9 km     
3, 19/02/23, LaGuardia Loop 5 laps, 15.6 km     
4, 26/02/23, Greater London Flat, 20 km 
5, 05/03/23, Makuri 40, 40 km 
6, 12/03/23, Jungle Circuit, 6 km, Downhill to just after jungle banner
7, 19/03/23, Scotland (City and the Sgurr), 8.6 km      
8, 26/03/23, Volcano Circuit 3 laps, 15.1 km     
9, 02/04/23, RGV, 20 km 
10, 09/04/23, Bologna x 2 ,32 km 1 (16 km) for C and D
The Stampede (iTT) by Herd Racing League (A)
The Stampede (iTT) by Herd Racing League (B)
The Stampede (iTT) by Herd Racing League (C)
The Stampede (iTT) by Herd Racing League (D)
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