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Sunday, April 2nd
5:00PM GMT
BanditZ Waistband
Group Ride
Welcome to the BanditZ Waistband, Please ride with the Yellow Beacon who will ride within the rides stated w/kg. We don't race we ride as one, Supporting each other with the stronger riders being encouraged to drop back to support our Awesome Sweep team who help riders either back to the group or be ride companions for them, The ride will be a Recovery/Rehabilitation for some and a workout for others, So please respect others efforts, goals and achievements.

We may deploy the fence to ensure that riders new to group rides don't get caught up with the fliers and have a bad experience. The fence is set to timed distances in front of the yellow beacon, so will move closer to the beacon on climbs and move futher out on descents due to changes in speed

The most Important thing is for everyone to be respectful to others, have fun and enjoy the ride.
BanditZ Waistband (D)
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