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Tuesday, June 6th
7:00AM GMT
TBR Sprinters paradise team intervals
Group Ride
Work in with your group to recover, regroup and smash the all the sprints.
Remember to bring the bunch back together after each interval.

Sprint efforts:
1) Rev Castle Sprint Distance: 3.1km Length: 300m
2) Alley Sprint Distance: 4.6km Length: 500m
3) Railway Sprint Distance: 7.9km Length: 600m
Lap 2
4) Rev Tower Sprint Distance: 13.6km Length: 300m
5) Rev Castle Sprint Distance: 15.5km Length: 300m
6) Alley Sprint Distance: 17.0km Length: 500m
7) Railway Sprint Distance: 20.2km Length: 600m
Between after each effort allow re-grouping of all riders including those that continued at 1.8-2w/kg. This will allow enough recovery and help prepare for the next effort.

TBR Sprinters paradise team intervals
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